About Us


Founded in 2012 in Lima – Peru born under a previous experience in a feature film project, we were able to join together to form a team of professionals passionate about character animation and thanks to this we started our work through small projects for foreign audiences in which later we managed to become better known nationally to grow slowly and steadily with other allied agencies.

We stand out for being one of the pioneering companies in the field of digital animation in Peru. We provide complete services of Storyboard Design, Animatic Elaboration, Character Desing, 3D – 2D animation production (modeling, texturing, rigging, animation and lighting), Postproduction and VFX for advertising agencies, production houses and corporate companies and any other media where our services are required.


To be recognized nationally as an agency with high quality standards in each one of our services, so that we can bring to life the ideas of each one of our clients.


To be recognized at an international level, to be able to work hand in hand with world-renowned production companies that require our services.

Our Team

Carlos Rivas

Since I was a kid I was impressed with JURASSIC PARK and from then on I knew that's what I wanted to do. When I learned 3D, I was learning each one of the processes until I decided to focus on animation and participated in many long and short projects. Currently as founder of GOLEM I am directing and coordinating projects of all kinds and at the same time working on our first film Dalia and the Red Book.

Ricardo Montes

Focused on animation and 3D character mode, I am currently working on the film Dalia and the Red Book as animation director.

Franklin Ventura

I have participated in several productions, starting since 2006; in feature films, commercials, series, etc; getting involved in 3D animation and later acquiring knowledge about 3D camera handling. The designer will always have the spirit of a child.

Lisette Freire

I started my career making a feature film, Rodencia y el diente de la Princesa, and since then I haven't stopped. I love to participate in all stages of production of each project.

Our Services

Pre Production

• Stoyboard
• Animatic
• Layout
• Character design
• Background design
• Timeline design


• Modeling
• Texturing and Shading
• Rigging
• 2D and 3D Animation
• Lighting

Post Production

• Edition
• Image composition
• Color retouching
• Render

| Awards

We are proud of our achievements


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